Hi I’m Susanna and this is me 

I’m a mother, a romantic, I love the colour pink, peonies are my favorite flowers – they remind me of my Grandmother. I love Cornwall, travelling & I’m planning my trip to New York, can make a mean chocolate cake but can’t fry an egg

I love sunshine, the smell of lemon & thyme, smiling, Greys Anatomy, live music, the sound of my children’s laughter & my dogs. The best massage I ever had was on a beach in Thailand lying on an old door

I am an NNEB trained Nursery Nurse and can loose more hours chatting with a newborn baby than anyone I know

Every day I try to make at least ten people smile, I once abseiled down the side of Charring Cross hospital and made my best friends wedding dress

I believe our memories are priceless & the best way to capture them for me, my children, my family, friends and you is with my camera and a photograph.