Frequently asked questions

. How old is ‘newborn’?

The best age for a newborn session is between 5-14 days because tiny babies tend to sleep deeply and can be posed more easily because their muscles haven’t toned up yet. However, it’s not impossible to pose older babies, i have had a very successful session with a baby of 5 weeks old.


. What do i need to bring to my newborn session?

Bring lots of milk if the baby is being bottle fed, a dummy if you use one and spare nappies.


. What happens after the session?

i select the best images from the session and fully edit them, this takes 2-3 weeks. i create a password protected online gallery for you to view the images for 1 week, at the end of which you need to inform me of the images you have chosen, depending on which package you have bought.


. How long do you keep my session images on file?

All images are stored for 6 months and after that time, deleted.


. Why do the digital images cost so much?

i put a huge amount of effort into producing the best possible images and by selling you the digital image i am handing you the printing rights. This is fantastic, however, i cannot then be in control of how the finished work looks, nor the quality of the product. When printing from the disc i would ask you to choose carefully where you get them printed, high street retailers are great for holiday snaps but don’t give you the quality your session pictures deserve.