Women of Fortitude - A Photography Project

Last year, 2015, I decided I wanted to start a personal photography project, something different from what I usually do which is photograph new babies and children. 

In my life I'm incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some very amazing women who don't always realise just how amazing they are! They are strong, intelligent, sassy women who in my eyes are incredible for a lot of different reasons.......they have brought up families, some run successful businesses, they've triumphed over illness, triumphed over adversity, some are the 'givers' of this world, some are the teachers, the carers, the investors of people and I think they're all brilliant!

So for all these reasons and a whole lot more, I wanted to photograph them for the beautiful women they are.....

Michelle -   

One of the reasons I asked Michelle to be involved is because of the road she's travelled (I try not to say 'journey' as I think it's a bit over-used!) in the last year. She's a real inspiration to me and I've told her so! 

Michelle studied at Liverpool Faculty of Art and Design in the early eighties obtaining a B.A.Hons in Printed Textiles and Fashion. She was employed both by Harrods and Dragons (a leading children's interior design shop in Knightsbridge) where she offered a bespoke service in hand painted nursery furniture and murals for many prestigious clients in central London. She also ran her own small business specialising in nursery interiors.

After having two daughters, Alice and Jess, she chose to study for a teaching career and has taught in the primary sector for 15 years in Cornwall and Southampton. She now does some consultancy work as a creative primary teacher, specialising in how to teach Art and how to be an outstanding primary teacher. Most importantly,she loves to paint and is currently working towards an exhibition. 

In the last year Michelle has physically transformed herself after investing in her health and enlisting the expertise of a personal trainer and she has worked incredibly hard to reach her goals.

It has taken massive amounts of inner strength as well as physical strength to get to where she is today and she totally inspires me. I've battled my own weight issues for over 30 years but when I saw what this amazing lady has done I knew I wanted to achieve those goals too and Michelle is wonderfully supportive of me and my own efforts.

Thank you Michelle, for agreeing to let me photograph you, I think you're brilliant! x