Josephine Beaumont

Never was there a baby more wanted than you! I was there the day you came home from hospital with your mum & dad, so beautiful and with an impressive vocal range, you were one young lady that was going to be heard no matter what you had to say! 

It was an honour to be asked to be your Godmother and as Goddaughters go I have to say you're the best one (the fact you're my only Goddaughter has absolutely nothing to do with that) and I'm very, very proud of you, you're a strong, loyal, beautiful and loving young woman who has been the most incredible friend to Alice and that is something wonderfully special. The pair of you really had no choice to be fair, friends from the moment my belly was big enough for you to sit on when Alice was in there! 



The temptation to write about some embarrassing stories about you is great but I won't do that to you, instead I want to apologise………...

I want to say sorry for the time I was child minding you regularly in 1999 and one day we were walking to collect Jack from school, Alice was a baby in the pram and you and Paddy had your wellies on and were walking, you must have been nearly 2 years old. You were never a keen walker and it took constant encouragement to keep you going but this particular day you were even more reluctant! There was something wrong with your boots you said so I took them off, straightened your tights thinking that might be it but according to you there was still something wrong with your wellies so I took them off again and shook them out, no, nothing was inside them! We made very slow progress that day but eventually got to school to collect Jack and while we were there I thought I would sort you and those wellies out once and for all so we wouldn't have the same problem walking home. I sat you on my knee, took both boots off and felt the bottom of your little feet to see if anything was stuck inside your tights and I then noticed a little bit of blood on the bottom of your tights! It turned out there was a drawing pin stuck in the bottom of your wellington boot and it was sticking through just enough to scratch your foot and I was totally mortified that I hadn't noticed it sooner so I want to just say how sorry I am I didn't investigate properly in the beginning and please will you forgive me?! 

You are woven into the fabric of our family, as much part of it as if you were a sister to Jack, Paddy & Alice and that's where you will always be

Happy 18th birthday my darling girl XX