Jack Christopher Rashleigh Scullion

21 years a ago minus one day - It started with a cricket match and a sneeze. The cricket match was being played on the pitch above our house and I'd walked round the field with your grandparents, I was 15 days overdue and more than a bit fed up if I'm truthful! We came home, I sat on the sofa with a cup of tea and sneezed.......'careful' said your grandfather, 'sneeze too hard and it could set you off!' Thirty seconds after he said that my waters broke! 

21 years ago today - sixteen days late and you gave us a scare but you finally made your appearance via emergency c-section at 19.17 on May 16th 1994, a whopping 10lbs 8oz and 59cms long! Even though I'm a trained NNEB Nursery Nurse with years of experience with other people's babies, nothing prepares you for the overwhelming emotions of having your own baby and life passed in a bit of a daze those first few weeks.

No matter how hard I tried In those first months I could never image you at 21, but somehow here you are........where did that time go? I know it's a cliche but it's true, the last 21 years have flown by in a blur of late night feeds, nappies, potty training, temper tantrums, starting school, football fixtures, travelling all over Cornwall for rugby matches, sailing lessons, homework (although I was never any good at helping you with that!), exams, uni applications, and job applications...….and you've smiled and grinned your way through most of it!

I could tell stories, some of them embarrassing, a lot of them funny, but I won't do that to you! All I will say is that I'm incredibly proud to be your mother, you are a wonderful, wonderful young man and it's not just me who thinks so. When people who've met you through your time as a sailing instructor tell me how brilliant you are at teaching their children or how helpful and polite when working for the Harbour Commisssioners in the summer, I could literally burst with pride! If your grandparents were still with us I know they'd feel exactly the same and it's my greatest sadness that they're not. 

This is the begining of a new chapter in your life and I can't wait to see what happens....the one thing you need to remember (but to be honest, I won't ever let you forget it) is that I love you with all my heart, in a way that only a mother can. 

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