Why Having Images of You & Your Baby is So Important

When I was born 47 years ago newborn photography as we know it today didn't exist. People from my generation may be lucky to have some faded photographs of yourself as a newborn but not many with either of your parents. I was lucky that my dad was a very keen & very good amature photographer, he had a darkroom and did all his own developing and I have literally thousands of prints of myself as a baby taken by him but despite that I have only two images of me with my mum & dad as a newborn, I was 5 days old.


Why am I writing about this subject?

I'll try to explain…...Both my parents have now sadly passed away, they both died far too young and left a massive hole in the lives of my family and every photograph I have of them I treasure, but the ones I REALLY treasure are the ones of me with them and there just aren't enough of them, in fact I can count them on one hand!

At the time I realised I had hundreds of photographs of my own three children but none of me with them and it suddenly terrified me that I didn't, so not long after my mum died I took my 13, 9 & 8 year old off to a studio and spent an hour messing about in front of a camera and you know what? My children who are now 20, 17 & 16 absolutely love those photographs. Yes I was overweight and still grief stricken at the loss of my second parent but all I see is a mother totally in love with her beautiful children, it's a moment in time that has been captured forever.


My journey with photography started with my dad, his enthusiasm for photography inspired me and he always encouraged my creativity. I am now doing something I'm passionate about, photographing newborn babies, capturing a moment in time that passes all too fast that we as parents can forget in the fog of late night feeding and adjusting to parenthood. 

When I take a booking for a newborn session at my studio here in Cornwall I encourage parents and siblings to get involved in the images but sometimes parents are reluctant and I can totally understand that! You feel you're un-photogenic, you feel self conscious, you've just had a baby & you're exhausted & really the last thing you feel like doing is having a camera pointing at you and I get it I really do! But these images aren't for you, they're for your children, your grandchildren and future generations to look at and believe me, they won't be looking at your post pregnancy tummy, they'll be looking at your baby and your face and seeing the love that you have for this new little human that has joined your family (and anyway, I will position you in such a way that is flattering to you!)


So what I'm saying is, if you book a newborn session with me or anyone else and they offer to include images of you with your baby and any other children then grab that opportunity with both hands because a long, loooooong way down the road your children will absolutely treasure those images.