Fowey Flooding

Last winter was wet….very very wet, the whole country was affected to one degree or another  and Cornwall was no different, in fact the train link between Cornwall and the rest of the country was totally severed when the track was demolished by the sea at Dawlish and some villages in Somerset also being cut off for weeks at a time.

I live in Fowey, a beautiful medieval town right on the water where houses and shops back onto the waterfront and we suffer flooding regularly throughout the year; mix high tides with the devastating storms and gales and its inevitable! Visitors ask how everyone copes with it and the answer is we just get on with it. Shops put up what defences they can, floodgates and sandbags, lift stock up off the floor and wait. There's no stopping the sea so you let it do what it needs to do, go where it wants to go and then mop up once it's receded! 

I got up very early one morning at the beginning of February, the tide was exceptionally high and the winds & storms in such a direction that flooding in the town was inevitable and I wanted to see if I could capture beauty in the destructive nature of the sea. Below are some of the images I took using my Canon 5DII, my tripod and some long exposures.